in a room that was never in my home,
in a year which I remained unborn,
you made the decisions
which would allow us to roam,
together in adventures,
in a future not as distant.

you brought me in
to your heart’s innermost rooms,
you sought me in
my hearts drowning cries.

What’s that mean?
Yes, the word, just a word.

How come here, in this sphere
the meaning can be more real?
When the only blood we share, is that of our Lord?
Our family is stronger,
more unified when it’s from him.

take a look at the change
you’ve seen.
My old life, my regretted choices,
a waiting bucket of kerosene.
But you had faith,
because of the promise you had already gleaned.
You knew the truth, that I had misidentified my identity.

I now no longer strive for those
that live to take,
and live to die;
for pleasures that bite like snakes,
and spin illusions to live inside.

Now I’m free to give it all,
to live beside those,
that will catch me if I stumble
and if I fall.

Brother in life,
forever beside.
No stronger bond
my brother in Christ.


Seed of Trust

Many ask.

Who is Christ? The blessed one that will come thrice, his disciples respond.

Who is Emmanuel? The one that comforts and communicates with those that are sure they’re abandoned, says the now not alone.

Who is Jesus? He is the way and the map, and the bridge to our forgotten home, say those that now lay down the burden of saving their name, their life, and their entire own kind.

Who are you Christ?

I am your teacher, I am your path, I am the answer to “what’s the point?”.

Who are you Emmanuel?

I am the voice that whispers in your heart, I am the tugging of your soul. I am the feeling of lightness, of kindness, of togetherness in separation.

Who are you Jesus?

I am your friend, I am your father, I am the sacrifice of love that gave you back and joined you to the king, endowed you and surrounded you with the mystery of glorious pneuma.

You are Christ. You are Salvation, a freedom beautiful beyond comprehension in the death of myself, you are the end of humanity’s endless search, the rest at the dusk of a forever day.

You are Emmanuel. You are with us, uniting and soothing division and derision. You are the peacekeeper, the host of the gathering of all at your side. You are the sweet air cooling our lungs, as the day breaks through the glistening dew on the lily’s pearl petals.

You are Jesus. The savior of man. The last step in the master plan. You are the one that lifted my veil, that scraped off of my eyes those sickening scales. You are the one that convinced me finally of my value; the one that awoke a realization, that my speck of the cosmos did have a purpose. The one that said, I love you, you truly deserve it. The first one to speak, that I undoubtedly believed.

Many no longer ask, because instead they now see.

Step into Reality

Father and son,
dust billowing as tracks imprint
during expeditions inside the city limit.

Escape to further wonders my son,
the father hopes in possible futility.
So often his wishes dissipate,
like the thinning mane
of a roaring dandelion.

Simplicity, in this reserve of the city.
Not insignificant,
respite not completely insufficient.

Because steps
taken beside,
a future
wandering heart,
are hopeful signposts left
in the darkness of luminescent screens.

Perhaps the footprints,
or maybe the skipped rocks,
possibly the bathing mallards,
or our sweet banana muffins smelt by the red fox,
will leave enough of a footprint,
a deep enough outline,
a pillar of memory in this,
my son’s young mind.

Oh yes, I certainly hope.
Most likely to no avail,
that you will see the awe,
and the beauty of this trail.

My son I understand,
how our father hopes for us.
How he has our best interests planned
and hopes in him we’ll trust.

For I hope the same for you,
but yet,
what amazes and also shakes
my core and comprehension,
is that even with confidence
in finite physical wisdom,
I cannot come infinitesimally close,
to our father’s grand plans.
I cannot even approach the splendor
of our father’s love for us.
Because I know and rejoice,
In the fact that it’s much greater,
than even my highest hopes and most majestic dreams,
could ever be for you.

So come now and hear,
the birds sing and the creek sigh.
Imagine my love, incomprehensibly magnified.

Seek me seeking him
and you will find,
the right path, the trail past,
all your worries and your woes.
And you will become as gentle through him,
as that yonder wandering doe.